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Interested in Speaking at TEDxFortWayne in 2018?

TEDx talks cover a vast array of topics across a variety of areas. If you’ve identified a unique issue that you are passionate about, the TEDx platform can be a perfect place to share it.

The best TEDx talks are original, unique, and engaging. Ideas that resonate for you are likely to do the same for others. The TEDx stage is your chance to present an idea or issue, or a new spin on an existing topic that has never been discussed before. If you know someone who belongs on the TEDx stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you!

This year, at TEDxFortWayne, our theme is “Resurgence.” We hope that you will help inspire our audience!

General Speaker Guidelines:

  • 3-18 Minutes.
  • Include visuals or props
  • Include data or research
  • With exception, no note cards
  • No religious, corporate or political plugs.
  • Participate in rehearsals
  • Be present for the duration of the conference and interact with attendees before and after your talk.

Before submitting, please review the following links to learn more about presenting at TEDxFortWayne:

TEDx Content Guidelines

TEDx Speaker Guide